About MDpie

At MDpie, our mission is well defined: to make medical education and continuing professional development convenient and easily accessible to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Everyone who has ever worked with us knows that is what we do. But why we do it is something far less well known.

Why We Do What We Do

MDpie was built because of you, our doctors and healthcare providers.

As a healthcare professional, you have made the biggest contribution to our lives that anyone could ever make: You kept us and our loved ones alive and well. You prevented us from becoming widows. You kept our children from becoming orphans.

We know you are able to do this because you are constantly honing your craft, training and learning, making sure you have the knowledge and skills to always give top-notch care.

But you are busy people – far busier than most of us. You have a clinic to run, patients to see, rounds to do, and your own family that also requires your time and attention.

It must be hard to make time for learning when you already have so many other things to attend to.

How We Can Help

Case 1: You have a busy practice. There is a lot on your mind. How can you still keep track of all the important CME opportunities around you? 

MDpie's targeted email service delivers relevant CME event announcements right to your inbox.

Our system detects which of the events we send capture your attention, so we can send you further information and reminders only for the workshops and conventions you are really interested in.

Case 2: As much as you enjoy travelling to the metro to attend CME events, there are occasions when you simply cannot leave your patients and family behind. What can you do?

MDpie and its partner societies work together to provide you with locally accredited online modules that you can take on your computer or smartphone in your free time.

So now you can attend CME activities remotely, gain CME and attendance credits, and improve your craft at your convenience, right from the comfort of your own home or while on the go.

Case 3: You are organizing a CME workshop, but you have insufficient resources and your staff is overloaded, and overwhelmed. 

How about a virtual secretariat? Trust MDpie to

  • promote your event to its ever-growing database of doctors;
  • handle your online registration and payments; and
  • deploy your pretest and posttest requirements, as well as check the answers and generate analytics in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

Case 4: Your organization wants to deliver CME to as many of your members as possible. But it's hard to coordinate and schedule faculty and trainers, who have their own practices to attend to and have very limited time for delivering presentations. What can you do?

Check out MDpie's CME digitization service. We go way beyond the usual practice of recording your event and then storing it for the rest of eternity in a brick-and-mortar archive.

Through CME digitization, a trainer only needs to deliver a presentation once. We then document it, clean it up for optimal audio and video clarity, host it online for your target audience's easy access, and promote it so people know what resources have been available to them by your organization.

With CME digitization, you don't end up with a CD that will only gather dust in your archives. Instead, you leave behind an enduring legacy that will benefit your members, colleagues, and their patients for years to come.

At MDpie, we understand your medical education needs and hindrances, and we want to help.

So please do not hesitate to call or email us. Let's talk. We can make medical education more convenient and beneficial for you, your society, and your members.

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