Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDpie?
MDpie is a social learning network for physicians. The platform aims to bring together doctors and medical organizations into one online network that promotes continuing education, peer-to-peer discussion, and collaboration.
MDpie is a project of Word Consulting Group, Ltd.

MDpie stands for Medical Doctors = MD; partnership = p; information = i; and education = e.

What is Word Consulting Group?
Word Consulting Group (WCG) is a medical education company that is a one-stop shop for analyzing scientific information, medical writing, creating content, developing communication platforms, and delivering medical education programs.

How is MDpie different from our society’s website?
MDpie aims to complement your society’s website. MDpie provides a platform where physicians and medical organizations can reach out to and collaborate with colleagues not only from the same specialty but also those from other specialties and medical organizations, as well as team up with industry partners for various medical and educational projects and initiatives.

Do I have to pay a fee to join MDpie?
MDpie membership is free for physicians and medical organizations.

How do I join MDpie?
During the beta test, medical societies partner with and register their members to MDpie. Several medical societies have expressed interest in registering members in MDpie, with more societies continually being added to the list.

If you wish to join MDpie but your medical organization is not yet a MDpie member OR you are not a member of any medical organization, please click here.

If you wish to enroll your society, please click here.

What if my society is registered but I don't know my username and password?
If your society is registered with MDpie but you don't know your username and password, click the Login button then click on "Forgot your password" and "Forgot your username," by turns, and enter the email address on record with your society. Follow the instructions you will get in your email. 

Who is on MDpie?
MDpie is a network that is created exclusively for medical doctors.

What can doctors do on MDpie?
Doctors can connect with their colleagues from their own specialty as well as from other specialties, discuss interesting cases, take CME courses, and stay up to date on the activities of fellow physicians and medical societies. In addition, doctors can opt to join and even earn honoraria from various industry initiatives, such as advisory board panels and similar activities.

What can industry partners do on MDpie?
Industry partners can engage and collaborate with select physicians and medical organizations for medical education programs, advertise events and other activities, and conduct market research activities such as advisory board panels, online surveys, and similar tactics.


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