The workshop on How to Make Test Questions? is a course offered by the Lead to Heal Movement (L2HM) to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Manila Doctors Hospital. It is also known as Improving Evaluation in Training and Development Programs, which is designed to make teaching, learning, and assessment strategies available through a blended learning program that provides access to online modules, as well as live face-to-face (FTF) workshops


One of the  goals of this course is to improve the preparation and analysis of commonly used assessment tools in training and development programs leading to improved performance in Specialty Board certification among healthcare professionals (HCPs). This aligns with the overall objective of ensuring globally competitive HCPs as per ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF).  Testing that is valid, reliable and fair contributes to improvement in passing rates that have been historically low among different professional licensing and Specialty certifying boards. The proper assessment and certification of HCPs consequently lead to better patient care and safety.


The different blended learning track shall consist of approximately 4 hours of online and 4 hours of FTF workshop activities. Each track is delivered using the same general format, as follows

  • Online Activity Before the FTF Workshop
    • Pretest
    • Course Overview (Module 1) Lecture Video
      • Outlines the transition from competency-based to outcomes-based education and its impact on the development of evaluation material for education, training, and development programs 
    • Specialty Information (Module 2) Lecture Video
      • Historical Data in Specialty Board Certifying Exams
    • Track-related Lecture Videos (See below for available Tracks) 
  • During the FTF Workshop
    • Ask-the-Experts Session and a review of the results of the Pretest
    • Hands-on Session wherein participants will develop track-related material
    • Critical Appraisal Session wherein the faculty experts and the participants will critique the materials developed during the workshop
    • Open Forum with the faculty to address any other question or concern
  • Online Activity After the FTF Workshop
    • Posttest
    • Evaluation
    • Certification.


This course is conducted by the L2HM, composed of passionate individuals who believe that HCPs are not only healers but health educators, community leaders, social mobilizers, researchers, and clinic and institution managers.  The Lead to Heal Movement is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who seek to deliver the highest quality of care and best health outcomes in their patients.  



At the end of the course, the learner should be able to

  • Define different rules of objective written exams and their application 
  • Develop objective written exam questions according to proper guidelines 
  • Develop skills to critique and improve formulation of test questions, with a focus on multiple choice questions.



Objective written exam questions will be utilized for the online assessments (pretest and posttest), while case discussion will be utilized during the FTF workshop to assess knowledge of participants.



Participants shall be the Consultants and Residents of the Manila Doctors Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.



  • Minerva P. Calimag, MD, MSc, PhD, FPSA; Immediate Past President of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA)    
  • Mildred N. Pareja, MD, MHPEd, FPOGS; Past Chair, Professional Regulatory Board of Medicine (PRBOM)
  • Marilyn D. Ruaro, MD, MHPEd, FPOGS



This blended-learning program is a Flip-the-Workshop (FTW) project of word | MDpie, a medical education and communication company. 



Online activities BEFORE and AFTER the workshop:

Onsite, FTF Workshop: MBFI Hall Room C, Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH).



The online activity will be deployed 1 week before and 1 week after the FTF workshop on October 24, 2017.





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