Delirium After Anesthesia

Dr. Joy E. Luat-Inciong

Gain new insights on postoperative delirium as you listen to Dr. Joy E. Luat-Inciong discuss

  • the definition and clinical features of postoperative cognitive impairment;
  •  the difference between delirium and dementia;
  • types of delirium, with a heads up on hypoactive delirium, which often goes undiagnosed;
  • specific patient conditions or surgical procedures and their incidence rate of postop delirium,
  • etiology,
  • preoperative and intraoperative risk factors,
  • differential diagnoses,
  • prevention, and
  • morbidity and mortality.
Open forum questions touch on "erotic delirium" and the statistics on regional anesthesia as a cause of delirium.

Take a peek at her lecture:


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