Approach to the Management of Obesity in the Elderly: Introduction

Dr. Vivencio Jose Villaflor

Dr. Vivencio Jose P. Villaflor discusses obesity as a disease, its treatment strategies, bariatric surgery, and other minimally invasive procedures like endoscopy. He also goes over the epidemiology of obesity and its medical complications.

Here’s a quick rundown of his presentation:

  • Obesity Treatment Pyramid
  • What is Obesity? Who is Considered Overweight?
  • How to Calculate Your BMI
  • Obesity Treatment Guide
  • Epidemiology of Obesity
  • Medical Complications of Obesity
  • Treatment Strategies
  • Bariatric Surgery
    • Principles of Bariatric Surgery
    • Bariatric Surgery: NICE Dec 2006 (CG43)
    • Health Benefits
  • Medical Treatment of Obesity
  • Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Here's a preview of some of his slides:


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